The Day I Suppose

A better and more comprising video documentation of this year’s Stärkeantrinken in Bamberg might be provided some time in the future, but for now Sandra and myself just have to share the news with everyone who couldn’t or simply didn’t participate!
There is going to be a party in August! A heartfelt thanks to Phil for being, once again, my voice in all things important, and for Doro(thea), for getting me started with the first line, as (again) so often…! Lets keep doing this!

More to be announced soon…! Edit: There is a “g” missing in the title, how emberassing! I’ll fix it later, but the news is just too damn hot to get it offline now!!!

– Lukas & Sandra

The Day I Suppose

I guess there is something
that I think I suppose
And I’m certainly sure
that I’ve never been close
to those one or two thoughts …

… that I guess I suppose.

Es streicht mir über meine Wange
und flüstert etwas in mein Ohr
es schiebt sich unter meine Flügel
und hat mit mir heut etwas vor

Man meint nun fast, man spürt es schon
da regt sich was, nimmt seinen Lauf
liegt in der Luft, sitzt auf, steht an,
man spürt es jetzt, ein Wind kommt auf

Du heißt Mistral und auch Karif
mal ein Passat, mal Harmattan
Levant, Sharav und Boreas,
Du bist die Prise, der Orkan

Du heißt Pampero und Habub
Du bist der Blizzard, der Zyklon
das Meer, das man zwar noch nicht sieht
aber schon wittert, Avion!

Es treibt uns hierhin und auch dorthin
mal jeder durch sein eignes Bild
aber letztlich doch zusammen
Wir sind windig, wir sind wild

Du bist der Ostwind, der Taifun
hoch in den Bergen ein Zephyr
ich lasse los, es zieht mich fort
wir sind so windig, wir sind wir

And when I …
… screw something up
while I have been drinking
I’m not really worried
what you will be thinking:

“Oh Boy, what a fool,
and what are the news?”,
I suppose you might say!
Now, get us more booze!

And I suppose if YOU
do something terribly rude
(like murdering people)
not pretty or cute

You know I am great with
So I guess we would come up with a
I will have the car running
I will hold any gate
and we’ll take to the wind
just a change of state

You can see other people,
you can dance through the night
I’ll meet you here in the morning
right back at my side

This place we are now
is where I arrive
to this hunch I might be
your wingman for life

I guess this is what,
I think I suppose
and I’m certainly sure
I have never been close

To the day, to the day,
to the day I suppose
to the day, to the day,
to the day I suppose

I suppose we could do this
I suppose it’s a thing
and we’re pulling it off
and instead of some ring

I would think of some lines
put them all in a song
about this party of two
we have been all along

but then all can join in
for it has been declared
that nothing gets smaller
if partaken and shared

So, we will call it a party!
and they’ll all have to come
and the beats will be pounding
like submachine guns

I guess this is what
I think I suppose
and I’m certainly sure
that now I am close

To the day, to the day,
to the day I propose
to the day, to the day,
to the day I propose

It’s today, it’s today
it’s today I propose
it’s today, it’s today
it’s today I propose


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2 Responses to The Day I Suppose

  1. Ulli says:

    Einfach großartig 🙂 !

  2. Nina says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch ihr beiden!

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