Album Cover Challenge #1

“Attention… attention! The Außenstelle der Skurrilen Bibliothek Köln-Bonn cordially invite you to join the first ‘Album Cover Challenge’ in Germany (we know, very exciting). Here is an album cover we designed tonight. The challenge is, you all come up with a band name and an album name to match the image.


Artwork by Tolmie MacRae,, Photograph & Idea by Corinna Speth

The idea is to create images youself for others to create names to match the image (album cover).”

Send suggestions for a band & album name to
Continuously updated:

Contributed Suggestions:
Moratorium on Mars – The Children Are Asleep Now

Falling Gods – Final Frontiers
(Anderer Stephan)

Lampyris noctiluca – glow to death

AufJedenFall – Sparkeling Pirates and Farting Fairies

Jungelist Factory – Return of the Solar Storm

Dark Matters – Dark Matters

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