Animate the Heart

Animate the Heart

They met at a conference concerning animation,
the next thing they recall would be
a two-world love creation.
It was magical, and supernatural,
yet also gradual, and casual,
and almost tragical

Three days of wonder yet
three days they must end
unless of course, by happenstance,
you meet your future husband…?!
Or was it fate…? Who can narrate
that moment that would animate
two hearts
from worlds apart?

Starting from those differences
freaking others out
every next day is
but a bridge to be build
common ground to be found,
never running out
of things to talk about.
Electric, eclectic, and metaleptic

Just like Windsor and Gertie
they were separated
by different planes and worlds until they
got elevated
to break through screens that predefine
what’s setting them apart
to animate, to animate, to animate
the heart.

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