The Raven sings again

In a cavern of its own disease
a lizard brain resides
steel black walls is all it sees
a vault to its demise

Red-cloud skies of burning fears
of terrors to supress
A jester grins, eyes full of tears
The game was a success

The coasts grow high, as twilight dawns
and mountains mourn their loss
A yellow laughter roams the hills
as disaster runs its course

At last the clock stops on its walk
The countdown called its last
The fools still say the world was built
in six days and a rest
To tear it down it takes but one
if all give it their best

Reptilian fears and paranoid dreams
are finally worth their while
Above it all, a raven sings
his song of nevermore

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2 Responses to The Raven sings again

  1. Der Lukas says:

    Geil! Einfach nur geil! ­čÖé

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