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So today my host family literally forced me to do “nothing but fun”, since I apparently was working too much?! Guess what I did?


Soooo… there is this Kyoto Toei Studio Park – Eiga Mura; “Experience Samurai Movies”! Sounds like it can pass for “nothing but fun”! I really don’t want to get into trouble!!!

Basically, they got all the sets from those 70s Jidaigeki-Television-Shows!

But for some reason it’s generally all about Ninjas…!


Tag34_10Here is how they advertise the ‘Ninja Mystery House’: “Learn about some of the inner workings of this mysterious building, then, it is up to you to escape. Secret passages, revolving doors and other traps await you as you make your way through the ninja’s labyrinth.
There’s even a little Ninja Training Dôjo for the kids, where you can so all the things you don’t want to do during school exercises because there you are not a Ninja!

Tag34_05What is going on with that head down there??? Is that supposed to be a gruesome trophy or what?! seriously, I don’t get it! And why are both smiling so sinister???

Tag34_07Some aged stars from the 70s make appearances at random-encounter-battles on the streets against each other, which is really fun. Hey, I was having fun!
Then the Kyaras started to come back…!

Scary right? And if you start to think about it! There’s a real life performer, pretending to perform an animated character from a TV show in which there is no represented world but only a Kyara pretending to perform as a real person to the audience (no 4th wall and such)

I ended up scribbling down at least two pages of random thoughts on representational problems in my notebook…
Okay, enough fun for one day, back to work! 😉

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2 Responses to Tag 34

  1. Vera says:

    Haha, das Pferdekehlkopfguckloch! Awesome!

  2. Phil says:

    Well, that’s maybe the downside of your trade (or the upside? You de-side! [bad-pun-a-day 😉 ]) that all fun can turn in to work (and vice-versa!) in a second! But then again, is work and fun mutually exclusive? I hope not…! – But this really looks awesome!

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