STÄRKE ANTRINKEN – 6. Januar 2014

Yes, it does exist! And probably all you heard is true!
But in case you missed it:
Here’s your chance to an Interactive Drinking Experience!

Have One Beer to all the 12 Chapters of our documentary
and post a Response Video afterwards.
You’ll experience an insane Surge of Strenghts immediatly!
(Yeah, Nils is not going to accept that. Rules an all.)

Red Lunar Skywalker_- Prophecy of Realization

  + Sandra



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5 Responses to STÄRKE ANTRINKEN – 6. Januar 2014

  1. Kili says:

    Yeah! VERY well done, you guys! 😀
    I’m enlightened!

    But… uh.. twelve beers in twelve minutes?
    I have to think that through…

  2. diana says:

    HAHAHA genius! personal favourite: Bart overcoming gravity!

  3. Stefan says:

    Amazing. Nur schade, dass der “long way home” nicht dokumentiert wurde. Allein das Bezwingen des Treppenhauses war ein Erlebnis.

  4. Phil says:

    Oh mannomannomann! Nur gut, dass die letzten Stationen nicht mehr dokumentiert wurden!

  5. Sophia says:

    haha, I love it!
    …everything was so serious before the evil “Rauchbier” 😀

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